Nenad Lazarevic

Dr Nenad Lazarević
Principle Research Fellow

Laboratory for Solid State Physics

Office phone: +381 11 3713

Center for Solid State Physics and New Materials,
Institute of Physics Belgrade, University of Belgrade,
Pregrevica 118, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Research field

Raman scattering of strongly correlated electron systems: Raman scattering experiments at various experimental setups (different geometries, low and high temperatures, high pressure); electronic Raman scattering; FTIR; Brillouin scattering;

Raman scattering applications: Vibrational spectra of organic compounds. Applications in forensics


2008 – 2012        PhD Studies, Faculty of Physics, Condensed Matter Physics

Thesis: Inelastic light scattering in strongly correlated electron systems: antimonides  and telurides ; Supervisor: prof. dr Zoran V. Popović

2003 – 2008        Diploma,  Faculty of Physics, Theoretical and Experimental Physics

Thesis: Raman spectroscopy of polycrystalline and nanocrystalline CeO2-δ powders; Supervisor: dr Zorana Dohčević Mitrović


2022 – present    Research Professor

2017 – 2022       Associate Research Professor

2012 – 2017        Assistant Research Professor

2008 – 2012       Research Assistant

National Projects

Project leader/PI:

2020 – present     StrainedFeSC  project, funded by Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia


2008 – 2010          Physics of low dimensional and nano-sized structures and materials No. 41047B, funded by Serbian Ministry of Science

2011 – 2017            Physics of nanostructured oxide materials and strongly correlated systems ON 171032, funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Serbia

2018 – present     Nanostructured multifunctional materials and nanocomposites III450018, funded the Ministry of     Education,  Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia


International scientific collaboration projects

Project leader/PI:

2019 – present    Fluctuations, magnetic frustrations and sub-dominant pairing in iron based superconductors, Common project with Walther-Meißner  Institute, Germany (DAAD)


2016 – 2017        Orbital-dependent correlation effects and phase relations in alkali-doped iron selenide superconductors, Common project with Institute of physics, University of Augsburg, Germany (DAAD).


2017 – 2020        Raman scattering and photoluminescence study of laser modified nanocrystalline ZnO thin films suitable for sensor applications, Comon project of  SANU and Bulgarian Academy of Science

2015 – 2019        Horizon 2020: Designing Advanced Functionalities through controlled NanoElement integration in OXide thin films (DAFNEOX), 645658 Horizon 2020 EU project

2017 – 2018        Spin- and Charge Instabilities in Sulfur-substituted FeSe, Common project with Walther-Meißner Institute, Germany (DAAD)

2016 – 2018        Scientific and technological cooperation between the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and the University of Belgrade in the field of cultural heritage project of bilateral cooperation with Italy

2016 – 2017        Interplay between superconductivity, phase separation and magnetism in alkali doped iron selenides, Common project with Department of Physics, Renmin University of Beijing, China

2015 – 2016        Competition between s-wave and d-wave pairing channels and Fe-vacancy ordering in tetragonal β-Fe1+xSex, Common project with Walther-Meißner  Institute, Germany (DAAD)

2013 – 2014        Interplay of Fe-vacancy ordering and spin fluctuations in iron - based high temperature superconductors, Common project with Walther-Meißner  Institute, Germany

2016 – 2018        COST Action BM1401, Biomedicine and Molecular Biosciences Raman-based applications for clinical diagnostics (Raman4clinics), MC Substitute


Raman scattering experimental setups (different geometries, low and high temperatures, high pressure).
Low temperature experiments.


2021                     Institute of Physics Belgrade Annual Prize for 2021

2008                     University of Belgrade award for the best student in generation at the Faculty of Physics

2007                     Award "Prof. Dr. Ðorđe Živanović" for the best students of the third year at the Faculty of Physics

2006 – 2007        Scholarship "Studenica Foundation"

2004 – 2008        Scholarship of the National Foundation for Development of Scientic and Art Youth

2003                     Scholarship of the Serbian Ministry of Education

2003                     Award for the best student in generation, Gymnasium "Svetozar Marković" Jagodina

2000 – 2003        Numerous prizes at national high school physics competitions. Member of the national team at the 34th International Physics Olympiad, August 2 - 11, 2003 Taipei, Taiwan

Selected publications

  1. S Đurđić Mijin, A Baum, J Bekaert, A Šolajić, J Pešić, Y Liu, Ge He, MV Milošević, C Petrovic, ZV Popović, R Hackl, N Lazarević, Probing charge density wave phases and Mott transition in 1T-TaS2 by inelastic light scattering, Rev. B 103, 245133 (2021).
  2. Nenad Lazarevic and Rudi Hackl, Fluctuations and pairing in Fe-based superconductors: light scattering experiments, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 32 413001 (2020). (Review article)
  3. Baum, H. N. Ruiz, N. Lazarević, Yao Wang, T. Böhm, R. Hosseinian Ahangharnejhad, P. Adelmann, T. Wolf, Z. V. Popović, B. Moritz, T. P. Devereaux & R. Hackl, Frustrated spin order and stripe fluctuations in FeSe, Communications Physics, 2, 14 (2019).
  4. Baum, A. Milosavljević, N. Lazarević, M. M. Radonjić, B. Nikolić, M. Mitschek, Z. Inanloo Maranloo, M. Šćepanović, M. Grujić-Brojčin, N. Stojilović, M. Opel, Aifeng Wang (王爱峰), C. Petrovic, Z. V. Popović, and R. Hackl, Phonon anomalies in FeS, Phys. Rev. B 97, 054306 (2018)
  5. Lazarević, M. Abeykoon, P. W. Stephens, Hechang Lei (雷和畅), E. S. Bozin, C. Petrovic, and Z. V. Popović, Vacancy-induced nanoscale phase separation in KxFe2−ySe2 single crystals evidenced by Raman scattering and powder x-ray diffraction, Phys. Rev. B 86, 054503 (2012)

Reviewing scientific journals

2014 present                   Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B

2016 – present                   Journal of Raman spectroscopy

Teaching expirience and student advising

Teaching experience:

2016 – present    Optical and spectroscopic techniques, University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies, Belgrade

2017 – present    Optical techniques in forensic science, University of Criminal Investigation and Police Studies, Belgrade

Student advising:

2015 – 2022    Ana Milosavljević, PhD thesis Electron-phonon and spin phonon coupling in Iron based superconductors and quasi-2D materials quasi, Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade on 06.04.2021.

2018 – 2021   Sanja Ðurđić-Mijin, “Inelastic light scattering in Quasi-two-dimensional materials”, Faculty of Physics, University of Belgrade on 10.03.2022.

2012 – 2018        Marko Opačić, PhD thesis "Nanoscale phase separation in iron-based superconductors investigated by Raman spectroscopy" at University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering on 18.06.2018.