Laboratory for atomic force microscopy and spectroscopy

Equipment: NTEGRA Spectra system - Atomic force microscopy (AFM) and Raman spectroscopy

Description: Our NTEGRA Spectra system offers AFM and Raman measurements of the same sample area. In that way complementary information about sample physical properties (AFM) and chemical composition (Raman) can be obtained, with a high spatial resolution. The NTEGRA Spectra system in our lab is used for topographic imaging and characterization of mechanical, electrical, opto-electrical and magnetic properties of 2D materials, thin films of various functional materials, semiconductor nanocrystals, nanoparticles, and biological cells and membranes. AFM system is based on a scanning by sample with two types of scanners, 100×100×10 μm3 and 1×1×1 μm3, with resolutions of 0.2 nm in horizontal plane and 0.04 nm in the normal direction. The AFM system is equipped with the following measurement modes:

  • basic topographic imaging in contact and tapping (amplitude modulated AFM) mode,
  • lateral (friction) force microscopy,
  • force modulation microscopy,
  • AFM phase imaging,
  • force-distance curves in contact mode and amplitude-distance curves in tapping mode,
  • conductive and photo-conductive AFM,
  • electric force microscopy,
  • Kelvin probe force microscopy and photo-assisted Kelvin probe force microscopy,
  • magnetic force microscopy,
  • lithography in contact (AFM scratching) and tapping (dynamic plowing) mode, lithography with applied biased voltage (local anodic oxidation),
  • nano-manipulations (nano-movements) in both contact and tapping mode,
  • scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy (with additional head).

Basic properties of the Raman system are the following:

  • confocal Raman spectroscopy,
  • numerical aperture of the objective: 0.7,
  • laser wavelength: 532 nm,
  • four fully motorized gratings: 150 gr/mm, 600 gr/mm, 1800 gr/mm, 2400 gr/mm,
  • Peltier cooled (down to -60°C) CCD camera,
  • diffraction limited spatial resolution in the order of ~1 μm in the horizontal plane.

NTEGRA Spectra system at Institute of Physics Belgrade