Laboratory for 2D synthesis

Fully equipted laboratory for mechanical and liquid phase exfoliation of 2D materials with UV-VIS characterisation, Microtrough for deposition of films and Contact Angle Goniometer.


UV-VIS spectrophotometry

The compact Shimadzu UV-2600i is a mid-range double beam UV spectrophotometer, a single monochromator system whose wavelength range was expanded to the near-infrared region of 1400 nm using the ISR-2600Plus two-detector integrating sphere.



UV-VIS spectrophotometer Shimadzu 2600i



Light source: 50 W halogen lamp, deuterium lamp

Detector: Photomultiplier

Wavelength range: 220-1400 nm

Photometric system: Double beam




Contact Angle Goniometer

The Ossila Contact Angle Goniometer provides a fast, reliable, and easy method to measure contact angles and surface tensions of liquid droplets.

Contact Angle Goniometer Ossila


Measurement Accuracy: ±1°

Measurement Range: 5° – 180°

Overall Product Dimensions (W x H x D): 95 mm x 165 mm x 320 mm (3.74" x 6.50" x 12.60")

Stage Area: 50 mm x 50 mm (1.97" x 1.97")

Maximum Sample Thickness: 20 mm (0.79")

Maximum Camera Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Features: High-Resolution Camera; Light Source for Accurate Edge Detection; Syringe Clamping Mechanism; Adjustable Sample Stage


Contact Angle Goniometer Ossila


Standard laboratory equipment:

Aparatus for DI water; ultrasound baths, glove box, ozon cleaner, microscopes